Citadel Military College Admits To Penn State Type Sex Abuse Cover-Up

It has been less than a week since Penn State severed all ties with former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky (he left in 1999 but continued to hold ties with the university through his charity) for nearly two-decades worth of sexual abuse against children that included various cover-ups and now a military college has announced a similar type of cover-up within their ranks.

The Citadel College has revealed that a sexual abuse cases that occurred four years ago at their Citadel Summer Camp was not properly resolved

“We regret that we did not pursue this matter further.”

Accusations according to Reuters were raised against camp counselor Louis “Skip” ReVille” after he invited two tweens into his room to watch pornography and touch themselves.

School officials examined ReVille clean record and help a short interview with him before allowing the counselor to continue his role as a mentor for young sports at various schools, a church and even South Carolina sports training facilities.

Speaking about the mentors “ice cream runs” and sleep-overs with teenage boys one mom was shocked while revealing:

“It seemed fun and OK .. Now, I have nightmares that I let that happen without saying a thing.”

Finally arrested in October ReVille admitted to performing sexual acts on at least several boys, in some cases assaulting them more than 10 times.

It’s still unclear who will face the fallout over this newest scandal, Penn State fired Joe Paterno from their program after nearly five decades as the men’s football head coach.

Who do you think needs to be fired from The Citadel for not taking several claims of sex abuse seriously? I smell several lawsuits in the near future from those buys who originally reported ReVille.

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