Minnesota Nurse Attack: Video Of Brazen Attack On Nurses Released

Nurse attack in Minnesota

A normal night shift at the St. John’s Hospital in Maplewood, Minnesota turned out to be a horrific ordeal for the on duty nurses there on the wee hours of November 2, reports MyFoxAustin. On that eventful night, the on-duty nurses were attacked by a patient who was admitted to the hospital three days ago. While the attack took place on November 2, hospital authorities have only now released the dramatic footage of the attack.

In the footage, the patient, who was identified as 68-year-old Charles Logan, is seen running in to a room where the nurses are working. He is holding a metal bar in his hand which the hospital authorities say was ripped off from his own hospital bed. Without any warning, the man starts attacking the nurses as chaos follows. The nurses are seen running towards a door for safety.

“In an instant — literally an instant — it becomes mayhem,” said Maplewood Police Chief Paul Schnell.

According to police authorities, Charles Logan had become delusional over the past few days and believed the people around him were trying to kill him. They added that Logan was known to be a peaceful man with no history of violent behavior.

“Everything we’ve been able to learn talking to friends and family of Mr. Logan, this was not him. That confusion and level of paranoia and violence was never part of his background and nor was it expected,” Schnell added.

By the time police officials responded to an emergency call, Charles was already outside the hospital and still acting violent. The police officials tried unsuccessfully to Taser him. He was wrestled to the ground by a few officers. Unfortunately, almost immediately after he was handcuffed, Logan became unresponsive and died, reports NBC News. Police officials have not yet deduced the actual cause of Logan’s death. An autopsy is likely to reveal the actual cause of death.

“We know there was a brief struggle,” Schnell said. “He was in handcuffs and moments later he went unresponsive.”

After he went unresponsive, Logan was bought back in to St. John’s Hospital, where he was declared dead. Meanwhile, the vicious attack resulted in several injuries to some of the staff nurses. One of the nurses suffered a collapsed lung, one a broken wrist while two others escaped with cuts and bruises. The injured nurses were identified as Leslie A. Lichey, 40, of Wyoming; Brooke C. Scott, 22, of Brooklyn Park; Nicole P. Eenisse, 32, of Lino Lakes; and Kelly A. Roberto, 30, of Hudson, Wisconsin.

In the meantime, family members of Logan who had, hours before the attack, fought over his custody told media that they believe Logan was given a wrong medication that led to this violent behavior. The police, however, are waiting for further investigations to see what caused this unfortunate incident

“What caused this, everyone hopes to have an answer,” Schnell said. “Well see what comes back from an autopsy.”

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