Stan Lee’s Biggest Fan Contest Has Marvel Comics Creator Searching The World

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Stan Lee is looking for his biggest fan and he’s willing to scour the world to find someone who is worthy of meeting up with the Marvel comics creator.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Stan Lee Media claims that it owns the rights to the Iron Man, Spider-Man, and X-Men copyright and is suing Disney in court based upon an agreement that Stan Lee made back in 1998.

Although he hasn’t been a comic book creator in years, Stan Lee continues to make cameos in many of the Marvel and Disney movies. He’s also become a staple when it comes to comic book, anime, and cosplay conventions where eager fans will line up for what seems like miles in order to have just a couple of seconds with the man himself.

The contest called Stan Lee’s Biggest Fan will give one lucky uber-fan the opportunity of a lifetime. Lee has partnered with LiveJournal and fans can submit their entries that prove they have the biggest reason to meet with Stan Lee in Hollywood in an all-expenses-paid trip.

“Over the years I’ve met thousands of fans and comic lovers at conventions worldwide, and I’m always amazed at how passionate they truly are,” said Stan Lee. “Partnering with LiveJournal has given us the platform we needed to enable fans worldwide to share their passions and prove why they should win a chance to sit face to face with me. So come on troops show us what you’ve got!”

All the Marvel fans out there should rush to visit Stan Lee’s LiveJournal page for all the instructions and details on how to enter. Entries will be accepted until December 31, 2014, and a winner will be announced in early 2015. Stan Lee’s biggest fan will also be able to bring along one guest.

“The winner will get an all-expenses paid trip to Hollywood for you and one guest, round-trip airfare, two nights in a hotel, and the chance to meet me in-person and share our passions for comics and superheroes!”

So how do you prove you are Stan Lee’s biggest fan? First, you have to create your own LiveJournal. The next step is the big one since you have to write a LiveJournal post explaining why you are the biggest fan of Stan Lee. Once you are done, copy the URL link and then paste it to the comments section on Lee’s own LiveJournal page.