Brown Bears Duel Over Fishing Ground As 15-Year-Old Photographer Captures The Battle

A 15-year-old photographer in Alaska was recently photographing brown bears in a nature reserve when two of the massive predators engaged in a territorial duel over their favorite fishing grounds, and she managed to capture the entire bout in a series of stunning images.

Russian wildlife photographer Elizaveta Tischenko was watching a calm, solitary bear fish for salmon when a second brown bear moved into the area, the Express notes. As she observed the scene from a grassy verge in southern Alaska’s Katmai National park, Tischenko watched the dramatic scene unfold.

“I had been watching the bear fish from a safe distance when I noticed another bear wonder into shot,” she said.

“The first bear was not happy about the other bear being there and began to get more agitated as it began to try to catch fish in the water.”

As the Daily Mail notes, the newcomer was tolerated for a while, yet as it tried to muscle its way into the other bear’s steady stream of fish, the brawl began.

The fight began as a newcomer began to muscle in on another bear's fishing grounds.

“It wasn’t long before the two approached one another and began roaring ferociously to try and scare each other away,” Tischenko observed.

“Neither one would back down for quite a while and they began to grapple with each other in the water.”

“Eventually, the new bear on the scene decided to cut its losses and sulked off out of sight.”

“When they are fishing they look quite cute and innocent but when they fight you get to see the true nature of the animals.”

While the brwon bears were vocal during the duel, Tischenko said neither were seriously injured in the fight.

Brown bears can, at times, be particularly dangerous to humans. Earlier this week, a group of hunters in Alaska were attacked on the remote Sally Island, leaving a 68-year-old man injured. As the Inquisitr noted, a group of at least five brown bears attacked the hunters as they carried a deer carcass toward their boat. A Coast Guard helicopter transported the victim to Kodiak Municipal Airport, where he received emergency medical assistance.

This past September, a hiker in New Jersey was killed by a black bear after he unexpectedly encountered the predator while in the woods with friends. Authorities noted that the attack was the first recorded in New Jersey’s history.

Victorious, the brwon bear continued to fish after his rival was defeated.

[Images: Elizaveta Tischenko via the Daily Mail]