Amazon Prime Could Be Key To Kindle Fire Success

The Amazon Kindle Fire is expected to be the first big seller on the Android tablet market (although it’s very much a restricted Android product) and much of the devices success could be owed not to it’s design, hardware or software but rather to the marriage between the Amazon Tablet and the company’s “Amazon Prime” service.

Offered for just $79 per year Amazon Prime allows customers to purchase items with “free” two-day shipping, check out loaned books from a library of 5,000 titles for up to one-month and even stream TV shows and Movies directly to their devices from a library that now includes more than 13,000 titles.

Through the use of the new system a user could literally get all of their Christmas shopping done, download some games, send out some emails and read a book that they borrowed as if at the library without leaving their home.

The best part? Amazon is using the Kindle Fire as a loss leader by selling it at just $199 which means even with the $79 Amazon Prime membership thrown into the mix the $278 price tag is just slighting higher than the new Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet (which has a more full Android experience and far better specs) while the shipping savings and movie streaming will surely save you some extra cash.

While Amazon Prime won’t be for everyone the discerning traveler with regular access to WiFi connections (for movie and tv show streaming) should find the Amazon Kindle Fire and Amazon Prime pairing to be the ultimate way to access content of all different kinds when enjoying a book just isn’t enough.

Will you be using your Amazon Kindle Fire with Amazon Prime account on a regular basis?