Eagles Suspend DeSean Jackson From Sunday Play

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson will be watching from the sidelines as his fellow players take on the Arizona Cardinals today.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News the WR failed to make a team meeting on Saturday and was therefore handed down the team ruling.

According to one source DeSean’s alarm didn’t go off and his oversleeping led to missing the team meeting.

It hasn’t been a great season for Jackson who is seeking a long-term deal from the Eagles, in the last three games he has just eight catches for a total of 93 years. During the entire season Jackson is the second-leading receiver on the Eagle’s offense with 29 catches for 503 yards and two touchdowns

Missing one practice probably wouldn’t have put Jackson in hot water however another source told the Associated Press that this was the “final straw” in a history of missed team meetings.

You may recall that Jackson held out for the first 10 days of training camp to protest his “minimum-wage” salary, he did however show up after that time and appeared to be working hard to secure a new long-term deal.

The two-time Pro Bowl pick in the last two seasons has managed 110 catches for 2,223 yards and 15 TDs. He also owns the franchises punt return record after returning for kicks for TDs in the last two years.

Do you think suspending a No. 2 receiver because of missed team practices is a smart decision when the team has already started the season with a losing record of 3-5?