Japan’s “Miim” robot get a new walk [Video]

Japan loves their robots, esepcially ones that look like attractive women and the “Miim” robot, otherwise known as HRP-4C, from the developers at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) is no exception.

Well with one maybe, they were never happy with the way that she walked. With 30 motors that let it walk, move its arms; as well as 8 motors for facial expressions, Miim is based on User Centered Robot Open Architecture.

This allows the robot to utilize some fundemental robotic techniques as well as realime Linux, RT middleware, something called robot simulator openHRP3 and speech recognition.

All this technology though still hasn’t help overcome a basic problem – walking like a human being; which apparently is a really hard thing to get robots to do. So in order to get a more natural gait with Miim the researchers built up a model of a walking pattern that imitated human movement where their main focus was on three characteristics: single toe support, knee stretching, and swing leg motion.

While the video shows a robot walking more like a woman who is just learning to walk after recovering from broken bones a number of tech sites are praising the researchers on their advances in robotic movement.

Miim was first introduced in 2009 and was meant for entertainment events which was why it was designed with a realistic looking face and the measurements that reflected the average figure of a young Japanese woman.

via PhysOrg