KFC Launches Campaign Showing How Their Famous Fried Chicken Is Really Made! [Video]

KFC Insider Event

This year hasn’t been good for KFC a.k.a. Kentucky Fried Chicken. It seems the fast-food restaurant that specifically utilizes chicken is losing ground from negative news. The Inquisitr reported on such when KFC was put on the spot for serving a deep fried blue roll of paper to a customer. In another case, a Chinese woman was served fried chicken with wriggling worms in them. What is really bad is the fact that the woman was offered a replacement meal. How could anyone eat after suffering through such an ordeal?

Such a negative image caught up to KFC as Chick-fil-A surpassed them in sales and appeal, making the latter the current “chicken champ” when it comes to fast-food restaurants that primarily have chicken on the menu. In response to the situation, KFC has done a campaign similar to McDonald’s in which they invited the media to see how their famous fried chicken is really made.

According to Sploid, their reporters participated in a KFC Insiders Event to see just what happens through the greasy curtain of fast-food chicken. Their travel and accommodations were arranged by KFC themselves as they went to KFC Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. While there, they toured the headquarters in which they said had its fair share of creepy, beyond-realistic statues of Colonel Sanders. One part of the tour was in the company kitchen where the chicken was made. To their comfort, they are glad to see that the chicken is made just like how grandma would do it — except on a larger scale with behemoth pressure fryers.

What they found to be the biggest surprise is just how unsurprising the process for making the fried chicken really is. There really isn’t any huge production line similar to those you’ll find in a McDonald’s food processing factory. Instead, you’ll find the same kind of production you would see KFC workers doing in the back of a restaurant. Sploid TV uploaded a video that is attached above. We have provided details on each step that is not explained in the video.

  1. KFC uses real chickens but come in a bag because they’ve been processed into desirable cuts. They first check the breasts, thighs, legs, and wings for quality control. They check from bruises, excess fat, leftover feathers, or leftover organs. They are usually fine.
  2. The chicken is given a dunk into brine. This is so the breading sticks to it.
  3. They dry off the chicken from the brine by shaking the basket they are in seven times. The drying toss is also to ensure the chicken isn’t too wet when it is tossed into breading.
  4. They lay chicken out into breading with secret Original Recipe breading which contains 11 secret spices. Knead chicken in breading seven times then collect chicken into a wire basket for a see-saw shake motion seven times.
  5. Place chicken on rack and place racks into pressure fryer. Wait ten minutes for the machines to finish cooking, then take out chicken which is ready to serve.

What do you think about KFC’s campaign to show people how they make their chicken? Does this make you more sure of eating chicken from KFC?

[Image via Sploid]