Father Of Eight Explains Why He Won’t Fund His Children’s College Education! Are His Reasons Justifiable?

College Tuition

For most parents — especially those who struggled growing up — the one opportunity they would love to be able to provide for their children is a college education. Such an endeavor is so important in families that financial planners and finance consultants, such as Dave Ramsey, provide teachings on how parents could utilize their budgets to incorporate a college education fund. Even this society may have feelings of entitlement when it comes to said college education. The Inquisitr, for example, reported on such a situation when Rachel Canning sued her parents to pay for her college tuition.

However, there are parents who do not believe in saving up for college education. Now, there is a report that one parent is making it perfectly clear he isn’t saving a single cent for college education for any of his eight children. He even has a reason behind it — that might be justifiable.

According to the Washington Post, David T. Fagan is a marketing executive who lives in Orange County, California with his wife, two dogs, and eight children. And just like it was stated above, he is not saving one single cent for college education for any of his kids. As a matter of fact, he would prefer his children didn’t go to college at all.

Such a bold claim seems to be an oxymoron, especially for a marketing executive. Yet David T. Fagan, along with his wife, detail their financial parenting philosophy in a new book titled Guerilla Parenting which is scheduled to be released this coming January. From what he believes, David encourages his kids to strike out on their own and create businesses from the time they’re in elementary school. If any of his children are set on going to college — like their oldest for example — David expects them to work, save up, and earn scholarships. Or, at least, their kid needs to provide a good case for how attained degree will land them a career to avoid the prospect of “moving back in with the parents.”

Fox News Insider followed up on David T. Fagan’s idelas towards college education in their show The Five. One of their hosts, Greg Gutfield, said that David’s point does make sense. He verified this in the following statement.

“You should help your kid figure out what he loves because all college teaches him to love is college. Four years of fooling around, stumbling home drunk and sleeping in? What’s not to love? I loved it so much, I did it ‘tiI I was 40. Worse, college teaches you to love yourself.”

With that in mind, Greg Gutfield followed up the disheartening words pertaining to college life with a statement that real work brings independence.

“We used to call it the school of hard knocks, the lost art of self-reliance. If we bring that back, we might rescue this country from the incubated elites currently in charge. We better do it fast. Their diapers are full.”

For all the parents out there, do you agree with David T. Fagan’s parenting philosophy pertaining to children’s college tuition? Is it true that hard work, diligence, and an understanding of economics are the ways to go instead of just “going to college?” How about Greg Gutfield? Do you agree with his monologue?

[Image via Chris Kaiser]