New ‘Secret Wars’ Battleworld Comic Series From Marvel Gets Its Own Trailer

Secret Wars has been seen as a series that will breathe new life into a couple of Marvel Comics’ series that don’t even need it. Fans around the world have been drooling and waiting for any news on the new series that will bring together some of the biggest teams such as The Avengers, the X-Men, and more in “Battleworld.”

Teaser images have been revealed by Marvel ever since Secret Wars was first announced about a month ago, but putting them all together is a different story.

As Newsarama states, in the trailer, the teaser images actually fly out to different nations in what is now considered to be “Battleworld.” It’s a world created using different realities or universes. The point of Battleworld will be to wage battles (or wars) between different heroes and villains so that they can show their supremacy and survive.

In the original Secret Wars series back in the 80s, the Beyonder created Battleworld, but so far, there is no confirmation that he will even be involved in the new version. Some clues have been dropped into different comic covers and stories that hint at his return, but fans have to wait and see.

Recently, the cover of the January 2015 issue for New Avengers #29 shows serious hints of Beyonder, but Marvel obviously wants to keep people guessing.

Individual issues Marvel has teased in the lead-up to Secret Wars are being looked at as one-shot deals or perhaps a miniseries, according to These different branches will give readers deeper looks into the existences of the different realities that make up Battleworld.

Secret Wars ended up being extremely popular back in the 80s, and the comics are still looked at as one of the best series of all time. It’s been well over 20 years, and now there is going to be a new series created that will have the same ideas of the original, but include a lot of new characters that weren’t around back then.

Don’t worry, your old favorites will be there too.

The first issue of Marvel’s Secret Wars is set to hit newsstands in May of 2015. The series comes from artist Esad Ribic and writer Jonathan Hickman.

Oh, and for those who are DC Comics fans, you won’t be left out either. There will be a similar series called Convergence coming in the Spring of 2015. Brainiac will take control of parallel Earths throughout the DC Universe and merge them into one. This new “Blood Moon” will have heroes and villains battling it out.

Marvel Secret Wars

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