Spoilers For ‘The Bachelor’ 2015: Reality Steve Spoils Chris Soules’ Final Rose Ceremony Location

ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 features Chris Soules looking for love this winter, and fans are hopeful that he will find his future wife. Reality Steve’s spoilers have revealed a lot of juicy details throughout the filming of Season 19 already, and now he has dished out some details regarding the location for the overnight dates and final rose ceremony. What The Bachelor spoilers did he reveal?

Until now, Season 19 of filming has taken place entirely in the United States for the first time in many seasons. In fact, Steve’s The Bachelor spoilers revealed that Chris Soules’ dates just before the hometown dates started took place in Iowa near Soules’ home.

Fans will definitely be interested to see how the bachelorettes react to these stateside date locations when everybody has come to expect exotic locations throughout the show. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, at least Chris and the final three ladies will head somewhere a bit more exciting after the hometown date rose ceremony.

It seems that later in the week, Soules and his final three gals will fly to Bali to do the fantasy overnight dates, the final dates with the final two ladies and then the final rose ceremony. This is the first time The Bachelor has gone to Bali, and it should be quite the adventure given the lack of international travel throughout the rest of Season 19.

Chris Soules’ final three haven’t been revealed quite yet, though Reality Steve’s spoilers will surely reveal the specifics soon. So far The Bachelor spoilers from Steve have identified three of the final four as the hometown dates took place, and one of the bachelorettes has quite the buzzworthy past. Many will be curious to see how this all plays out on-screen, and which ladies Soules chooses to keep for these key overnight dates.

As E! Online shares, the first The Bachelor 2015 preview is out, but it doesn’t reveal any juicy tidbits about Soules’ season. As some had guessed, it merely featured Chris and a play on the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams. Surely more previews will come out ahead of the Season 19 January premiere that dish out some specifics about the bachelorettes and the season as a whole, but for now, ABC is playing things close to the vest.

Will Chris Soules propose to one of his final three in Bali? Will ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 have a fairy tale ending? Fans are anxious to find out, and it all begins on Monday, January 5.

Updated: Now Reality Steve’s spoilers for The Bachelor reveal a change from his original details. While the final three and Soules went to Bali for the overnight dates, they headed somewhere else very interesting for the final dates and rose ceremony. What will fans think of this one?

[Image via ABC]