Quadruple Amputee Sean Petrozzino Person Of Interest In Double Murder Of Parents

Sean Petrozzino

Quadruple Amputee Sean Petrozzino is wanted for the murder of his parents. The person of interest is considered armed and dangerous and has been on the lam from the Orange County, Florida, area since Tuesday. Sean Petrozzino has prosthetic legs and only has part of one hand.

In 2000, the quadruple amputee garnered nationwide attention for the bravery and positive attitude he had shown while fighting a severe case of bacterial meningitis.

“Lots of important things in life just happen by chance, You known someone and get a job that makes you millions of dollars. Or you get a disease. There doesn’t seem to be any reason some things happen,” Petrozzino told the Orlando Sentinel after leaving the hospital. “I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. As much as I feel bad about what happened, I feel good that my family and all my friends stood by me.”

The quadruple amputee underwent 13 surgeries after surviving bacterial meningitis. The infection forced doctors to remove his limbs. Petrozzino’s home in Georgia reportedly just went into foreclosure.

Sean Petrozzino, 30, is wanted for questioning in the murder of Nancy and Michael Petrozzino. The quadruple amputee began living at home with his parents after separating from his wife. While the Florida police are not officially calling the man a suspect in the murder of his parents, they have warned the public about the danger allegedly posed by the disabled individual.

“We want him to get in here and talk to us so we can find out what happened, since he was apparently living with his parents,” Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jane Watrel stated during a Wednesday press conference. “We do believe he has a firearm. He’s considered dangerous and they believe he is in the south Florida area. Please note for identification purposes, the physical characteristics of his hands.

Sheriff’s deputies are searching for a red Toyota four-door car with Florida license plate 112VZY.

“I’ve known Sean since he was 16 years old. This just seems bizarre. Like a bad dream,” his mother-in-law Cathleen Horne told the Orlando Sentinel.

Nancy Petrozzino, 64, was a second grade teacher at Andorver Elementary school. Michael Petrozzino, 63, was a Disney World cast member. The bodies of the parents were found after police officers were alerted that Nancy was not showing up for work.

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