Cannibal Killer Dines On Victim’s Eyeball And Face Before Receiving The Shock Of His Life

A bail hostel in Wales became the scene of a crime investigation when an uncooperative guest denied to follow the rules. Mathew Williams, 34-years-old, was told that no females were allowed in his room, as a result of a previous five-year prison stint after attacking his ex partner. When he refused to open his door for the security guards, so they forced their way in, where they saw Williams eating half of his female visitor’s face and eyeball. He has since become known as the Cannibal Killer.

Williams, also known as Fifi, lured his victim back to his room for a drink in the early hours of the morning. Later, toxicology reports showed that Williams was high on coke, along with alcohol. It is unknown if Williams killed his guest quickly or if he tortured her over a period of time before consuming her as a meal.

When hostel security realized the Cannibal Killer had a female guest in his room, against the rules set forth for him, they attempted to warn him to end the encounter. When he did not respond, they forcefully broke down the door and realized the gruesome scene as he sat silently while consuming half of her face and an eyeball. The unnamed woman was already dead from the trauma.

A spokeswoman for the Gwent Police department stated that officers arrived at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel, in the village of Argoed, just prior to 1:30 a.m. and tasered Williams when he was not cooperative, according to Metro U.K..

“A Taser was discharged and a man was arrested. The woman was located with injuries and has since been pronounced deceased. While under arrest, the man became unresponsive. Officers and paramedics administered first aid but he has since been pronounced deceased.”

Despite the clear evidence that was present in the room, a murder investigation will take place to ensure Williams, the Cannibal Killer, acted alone.

Serial killers have been a popular lore in the news since Jack the Ripper hogged the headlines, and cannibal killers became a focus when Hannibal Lecter hit the big screen. However, when either appears in today’s society, the news is more shocking than imaginable, especially when you live close by like Jill Edwards does.

“This animal was eating this girl to death. He murdered her so police stopped him – good on them. Security said they told him no girls in his room and he didn’t answer, when they opened his door he was eating her face.”

[Photo Courtesy: Daily Record]