Woman Punched In Face By Angry Mom After Telling The Mother To Quiet Her Child [Video]

California police are searching for an angry mother accused of punching a shopper in the face. The shopper, 20-year-old Bree Hajek-Richardson, told police that she was attacked in the parking lot after a confrontation in Nordstroms with a mother and her screaming toddler.

According to KTVU, Richardson said she was at the checkout line in Nordstroms when a toddler in front of her began throwing a “tantrum.” Bree says the mother seemed to not care that the child was screaming so she “politely” told the woman to quiet down the toddler. Bree was shocked when the woman began yelling at her and became angry. Bree said the exchange began with the woman requesting that Bree not tell her child what to do.

“Don’t tell my child what to do and I said didn’t tell your child what to do I said just quiet them down a little bit.”

Bree says the whole encounter in the checkout line lasted about two minutes and ended with Bree telling the mother to “go to hell.”

The angry mother responded, “I’ll see you there.”

However, the encounter was not over for Bree. As she exited the Nordstroms the woman was waiting for her in the parking lot. Bree said the angry mom approached her and asked, “Where did you tell me to go?”

Bree then responded with words that would get her a swift punch to the face.

“I told you to go to hell.”

After these words, Bree was punched in the face twice and knocked to the ground where the woman got on top of her. The mother then left the store and Bree was left with bruises, cuts and a bloody tooth. Bree reported the incident to the police who are know searching for the fist-happy mom.

However, it does not appear that many people are on Bree’s side when it comes to the mommy world. Comments began pouring in on articles discussing Bree’s happenings and most were anything but supportive. Many mothers say that Bree should have kept her mouth shut if she didn’t want to get punched. Others say she got exactly what she deserved.

“To be honest I would have done the same thing, I have five kids and would be damned if a stranger try and tell me what to do with my kids. Sometimes you just have to let the child be before they calm down. Some people don’t get that it’s not always easy to calm a child down and sometimes trying to do so can make it worse. But like you said people do need to mind there own business.”

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What do you think? Do you think that Bree is at fault for telling a mother to “go to hell” in the presence of her child, or did the angry mother over-react?

[Video Credit: CBS12]