Street Preacher Heckled By Little Girl: ‘Jesus, Blah, Blah, Blah’ She Yelled

little girl heckled

A street preacher was heckled by a little girl in Salem, Massachusetts. The unidentified little girl walked up to the man sharing the gospel and started to heckle him loudly, “Jesus, blah, blah, blah” she appears to yell.

The Massachusetts street preacher was using a head microphone to spread the word when the little girl approached him and told him to “shut up” repeatedly.”

In a video which captured the scene and is now going viral online, the Salem street preacher can be heard saying, “Because all that matters tonight is where you stand before God before it’s too late.”

The little girl is then heard yelling, “Shut up! Shut it!”

Even though the street preacher can see and obviously hear the little girl heckling him, he appears unfazed, and continues to discuss the Bible and the concept of sin.

“Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Stop talking. No on listens. Shut it. Pie holes should be quiet,” the little girl yells.

If the child was with a parent or caregiver, the presence of the adult is no obvious in the viral video.

The street preacher viral video was posted to social media websites by Robert Goss-Kennedy. Kennedy said that he often records street preachers in the Salem area around Halloween.

“I’ve been recording their interactions with people for a couple of years now for a long running art project, and while this young guy was preaching, a little girl just ran up and started laying into him,” the poster stated in a video description beneath the clip posted to LiveLeak.

“Every year Salem is inundated with street preachers during out Halloween celebrations. They spend most every weekend during October telling us to ‘Turn or Burn,'” the caption said.

While atheist blogger Hemant Mehta deemed the street preacher heckling little girl video as the “greatest thing you’ll see all day,” not everyone agrees with such an assessment. The phrase, “worst behaved child ever” or similar wording, has been posted, shared, and retweeted many times.

It remains unknown if the street preacher video and the little girl heckler is authentic or part of a stage encounter. Some viewers of the viral video think the young street preacher and the heckler appear to resemble one another and could be siblings – or any similarity could merely be coincidence.

What do you think about the little girl heckling the street preacher in Massachusetts?

[Image via: Screengrab/Death and Taxes Mag]