Tasha Smith’s Husband Keith Douglas Gets Restraining Order Against Tyler Perry ‘Boom!’ Star

Tasha Smith has been ordered to stay away from husband Keith Douglas, according to the latest shocking report from TMZ. The Tyler Perry star’s husband filed for a restraining order against Tasha Smith for her abusive behavior. The judge granted the request.

According to court documents, Keith Douglas described a nightmarish life with Tasha Smith at home, including bouts of heavy drinking that send her into violent rages. The report continues that the Meet The Browns star has threatened to kill him or to have someone else hurt him. The threats and the rages have been so bad that Douglas has had to leave his home running from the angry star.

The allegations against Tasha Smith also include warning him not to fall asleep because “something will happen,” according to TMZ‘s report.

A judge ordered Tasha Smith to stay at least 2 yards away from Keith Douglas while they are in the home, which they still share, and at least 100 yards away from him when they are outside of the home.

The funny actress is known for her famous “Boom!” line in Tyler Perry’s movie Why Did I Get Married. The line is so famous that a popular gif from the movie is frequently shared in gossip forums. The Camden, New Jersey, native married husband Keith Douglas in 2010 at her home in Los Angeles. The small ceremony was held in her living room, and afterward the couple whisked themselves away to spend their honeymoon at a lavish resort in Las Vegas. Smith seemed so happy in 2010, when she gushed about her new hubby.

But, even back then, it was rumored that the star’s personality was a lot like her roles in Tyler Perry’s films. Many debated if the second marriage would truly last, with some saying it definitely wouldn’t work out while others simply congratulated the couple. Tasha Smith divorced her first husband in 2007. In a past People’s Magazine and Essence issue, Tasha Smith was forthcoming about her troubled childhood growing up with a drug addicted mother. Even as a young adult Smith had a hard time finding her way before she landed a permanent gig.

“I was sick of myself. I was doing weed every day and drinking. I hated the way cocaine made me feel, trying to go to sleep after being up for days.”

The beautiful Tasha Smith currently stars in Tyler Perry’s hit show For Better or For Worse. According to Entertainment Wise, the actress has denied all allegations. Recently, the Inquisitr covered the story regarding the Tyler Perry stalker case.

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