New UFO Seen In NASA Space Station Video, 2nd UFO Image In 4 Weeks — What's Going On Up There?

Jonathan Vankin

A UFO appeared in the NASA video feed from the International Space Station on Sunday, November 3 -- the second time in four weeks that the NASA feed has captured what appears to be a UFO, or some sort of unexplained visual anomaly, in the vicinity of the space station that has been orbiting the Earth continuously since 1998.

The UFO sighting came one day after the 14th anniversary of the first human crew arriving to man the space station. The ISS has been occupied by American, Russian and international astronauts continuously since November 2, 2000.

On October 7, NASA broadcast video of a space walk by two of space station's current occupants as they did some routine repairs on the exterior of the spacecraft. At one point in the video, a UFO -- literally, an unidentified object -- appeared in the distance, against the blackness of space behind one of the astronauts. The Inquisitr reported on that UFO sighting as well, and the video can be seen at this link.

Skeptics dismissed that UFO sighting as a trick of the light and, by the same token, Sunday's UFO sighting near the space station is being dismissed as either reflected light -- or in fact, nothing but Earth's familiar moon in the distance.

But Scott Waring of the site UFO Sightings Daily was persuaded that neither explanation was adequate to account for the apparent "object" seen in the video above, and in the following still image captured from the NASA feed.

NASA UFO Space station video capture

"I was watching the live space station cam and noticed this glowing object. I was recording at the time and at first thought it was the moon, but it isn't. The moon would move down from top to the Earths horizon. I saw it many times on live cam. This is different. This UFO just appears out of nowhere and disappears. It didn't vanish behind the Earth as the moon would do. The space station is being observed."
"It looks like a star or light is being eclipsed by something as it fades in an out. This is similar to a lunar eclipse clip but reduced in size, superimposed, and sped up, on this clip."

These last two UFO sightings near the space station on the NASA video feed are far from the first sightings of unidentified objects around the International Space Station. According to the site, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy himself reported a UFO outside the space station. But NASA said he was just seeing an antenna cover.