Happy Birthday To You Sexy Scorpio, Sage Sagittarius

Wikipedia tells us that the most recognized song in the English language is “Happy Birthday To You.” Purported to have been written by two sisters, Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill, and published in 1893, the folk song is traditionally sung to celebrate the anniversary of someone’s birth.

History has it that Patty, a kindergarten teacher in Louisville, Kentucky, and her piano- playing composer sister, Mildred, actually wrote the original version of the song as “Good Morning To All,” as a way to greet the kids at school with a sing-along.

Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but “Happy Birthday,” (the short version of the title of the song) only has four lines and six words when we toss in the name of the birthday boy or girl.

“Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear _______
Happy birthday to you”

Without getting long-winded about this charming song, “Happy Birthday To You” is currently owned by Warner/Chappell Music, who claims no one may perform this song without paying the piper. Warner charges $10,000 for use of the happy song in a movie, and in 2008 collected $2 million in royalties.

Billboard writes about the ongoing dispute and lawsuit to determine if “Happy Birthday To You” is really in the public domain. Like the other most famous song in the world, “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow,” there’s just no stopping us when it is time to belt it out at a celebratory event. Sing it loud! Just don’t get paid for it…

The Inquisitr shares the most famous public version of “Happy Birthday To You,” delivered by Marilyn Monroe to President John F. Kennedy on national TV in May 1962.

On a different note, two astrological sun signs share November birth dates – Scorpio and Sagittarius. The jury is still out to lunch — forever — on the credibility of Astrology, but anyone who has ever been around Scorpio will attest to their subtle and powerful vibe, along with an undeniable sexiness that is just inherent in their being. They can’t help it.

Passionate, driven, charismatic, penetrating, volatile, secretive, and sometimes scary, Scorpio plays for keeps. This is one sign that will not rest until they have ferreted out all the secrets of their quarry. Ask Carl Sagan!

We need this energy to free us from a dull, uncaring world. A Scorpio will be born October 24-November 22. God love’ em.

Sagittarius — holy cow. These self-taught sage-like people certainly don’t leave you wondering what they are thinking, unlike Scorpio, who is an unsolved mystery for life. Think Miley Cyrus or Jane Fonda.

If you need expansion in your life on any level, enlist a Sag, whose birthday will run between November 23-December 22. World travelers — in person or in spirit — a Sag epitomizes the cliche “fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” These people are nothing if not fearless. They also have the uncanny ability to juggle a personality that blends the “class clown” and “nutty professor.” Cool.

Famous Birthdays.com gives us a pictorial calendar that covers the month of celebrity November birthdays. In spite of the chaotic news that seems to infiltrate our news and lives, a gathering of family and friends to pay tribute to someone you love with a chorus of singers who simply cannot forget the lyrics is like music to our ears. Happy birthday to you, you lovely November babies.

[Image via Billboard.com]