‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Eve And JJ’s Affair Sends Paige Into Rory’s Arms?

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Paige hooks up with Rory to get back at Eve and JJ?

Days of Our Lives viewers have been witness to a lot of drama going down in Salem during recent weeks, and the soap shows no signs of slowing down in November as it heads towards sweeps. The latest spoilers for the show reveal that Paige could have a serious break down upon finding out that her boyfriend, JJ, and mother, Eve, had an affair behind her back.

JJ and Eve’s torrid affair is only the latest in Days of Our Lives history to have fans discussing the ick factor online, and once Paige finds out about her mom and boyfriend having sex, she’s sure to go off the deep end, and maybe even go running into the arms of someone unexpected, like JJ’s best friend, Rory.

It all started when Paige and JJ broke up yet again. Days of Our Lives fans watched as JJ Deveraux tried to track down Paige at her mother’s apartment. Of course, Paige wasn’t home, so JJ was forced to have a conversation with her mother, Eve Donovan.

JJ could tell that Eve had been crying, and she began to tell him that her doctor told her she would never sing again. JJ, a musician himself, sympathized with Eve a little too much, and the much older woman fell right into bed with her daughter’s boyfriend.

JJ and Eve immediately knew that their affair was a mistake, but didn’t have time to deal with it as Paige came walking in the apartment.

According to Michael Fairman Soaps, Days of Our Lives fans know it’s only a matter of time before Paige finds out about the huge betrayal, and some, including Casey Moss, who plays JJ on the soap, think she should seek revenge by falling into the arms of JJ’s best friend, Rory, the lovable slacker/stoner of Salem.

“I am hoping she turns to JJ’s friend Rory, because he hasn’t gotten any action on the show.”

Although they’ve never liked each other, Paige and Rory have seemingly come to some sort of a truce, and it was Rory who pushed Paige to forgive JJ and talk to him after their most recent split.

Will Paige use Rory’s possible comforting as a revenge scheme to get back at her boyfriend for sleeping with her own mother? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there will be a lot of new romances in Salem, and Paige and Rory may be one of them.

Meanwhile, JJ’s mother, Jennifer Horton, will likely be furious when she finds out that her son slept with her mortal enemy, as she’s still reeling from her daughter Abigail’s public affair with EJ DiMera.

What do you think about Eve and JJ’s affair on Days of Our Lives? Should Paige turn to Rory for support?

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