WWE News: WWE Survey Asks Fans If They Would Like To Bring Back The Cruiserweight Division


Despite what we might think, WWE does care about fan opinions. We’re the ones who make the company a success, so they clearly want to make sure we are happy. That is why WWE will send out surveys off and on to WWE fans, asking their opinion on certain subjects. This time around, WWE asked fans if they wanted to bring back the absent Cruiserweight Division.

The survey asked fans if they wanted like cruiserweights to have their own weekly TV show on the network, be used as part of NXT, be used as a feature on Main Event, or be used on RAW and SmackDown. This could be a clue about what WWE is planning with the WWE Network. On TV, WWE does not have the room to bring in a lot of cruiserweights. However, they could have a big say on the network. However, many feel that this could be a couple years too late on WWE’s end.

The Wrestling Observer reports the following.

“Once they used Rey Mysterio as a non-cruiserweight and with smaller guys as major stars, the idea of a cruiserweight division feels out of touch. It will either stigmatize those involved as jobbers to the real stars, and if someone gets over, they’ll be moved out of it to be in the mix with the stars. Either way, there is no purpose for something that puts a stigma on the guys to where they are perceived as part of a secondary group, especially when you’ve already got an NXT show.”

Dean Malenko

The Observer is correct. Today, about 70 percent of WWE’s roster fits within the Cruiserweight and Lightheavyweight Division weight class, and that number is larger with the inclusion of NXT. Some who are slightly heavier could also fit. The fact that most of the roster is smaller than before is a good thing to most, as the wrestling is better. However, when you have so many that fit within another division, does that make them lesser than? If so, how do others at the same size look in comparison?

While many of us have asked WWE to bring back the Cruiserweight Division many times in the past, they have refrained from it. Now, it could be too late for fans to really care. Many will see this division as WWE’s lesser than division, and not as a stepping stone to popularity like it used to be. With the fact that WWE still has the United States and Intercontinental Titles, the company probably has no need to bring back the Cruiserweight Title. So what would be the point?

At the end of the day, many WWE fans who take the survey might think it is a great idea. However, WWE may never bring this back to RAW or SmackDown… nor should they. That leaves the WWE Network, and WWE probably cannot use this as a big reason to have said network. Also due to WWE changing styles around, a lot of the wrestling the smaller guys got away with before simply wouldn’t fly today. So this could be a bad move today. It is simply too late.

[IMG Credits: WWE.com, onlineworldofwrestling.com]