‘MDLLA’ Star David Parnes Talks Fighting: Is He Leaving James Harris Behind?

Million Dollar Listing star David Parnes introduced himself on the show with his business partner, James Harris. Fans got to know them as the two British guys, even though Josh Altman wanted fans to know them as the two children from Britain. Parnes and Harris proved that they could compete with the best, despite just being in Los Angeles for a couple of years.

David Parnes and James have been known on Million Dollar Listing as the British real estate pair. Parnes and Harris have been agreeing on various things, but this week, fans saw what happens when they get into a fight. And the question of them working together surfaced, as they considered parting ways for a brief moment.

According to new Bravo report, Million Dollar Listing star David Parnes is now revealing that he actually does fight quite a bit with James. But them arguing is only making them stronger, especially because they get to see different perspectives.

“Getting into arguments with James is not abnormal. In fact, it often helps us to communicate and ultimately become stronger as business partners. Once again, we worked as a team to make this deal happen. It was a true effort on both our parts, as there was so much riding on this opportunity for us. This sale wasn’t only about the commission, but was about growth for our business. At the end of the day, I can relax knowing my future is bright, and I’m surrounded by wonderful people who uplift my life,” David Parnes writes about his arguments with his business partner, James.

Parnes and Harris may still be growing in the Los Angeles real estate market, but they have already gotten some celebrity clients. And to grow even further, they have to deal with Josh Altman and Josh Flagg. But it doesn’t seem like they mind Flagg as much.

According to the Inquisitr, David Parnes and his business partner are not too thrilled about Altman. Josh did try to break up this British power-duo once on the show, as he took James aside to convince him to work alone. That didn’t break up this duo. Plus, James did reveal that Josh lacked sophistication and class.

Regardless, it doesn’t seem like Million Dollar Listing star David Parnes is ready to part ways with James Harris just yet. They have been friends since they were children, so it would probably take more than one major fight for them to part ways.

Would you want to see David Parnes continue his work with James Harris?

[Image via US Weekly]