‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Josh Altman: ‘I Made Mistakes’ With Heather

Million Dollar Listing star Josh Altman is proud of his work as a real-estate agent in Los Angeles, as he is one of the top agents in the city. Altman works very hard, as fans of the show have seen this season, and he even risked his personal relationship with Heather Bilyeu over listing appointments.

But Josh Altman is proud of his accomplishments and he should be. He was recently recognized for his hard work, according to the Inquisitr, and this kind of recognition would have surely given him more exposure and overseas clients. However, too much work affected his life.

According to new Bravo report, Million Dollar Listing star Josh Altman is now revealing that he made mistakes in his relationship with Heather Bilyeu, which resulted in them canceling their wedding. Altman reveals that he knows they have work to do to get ready for their new wedding date.

“I made mistakes this year and as much as I’d like to take them back, I wouldn’t, because it took me almost losing Heather to realize that the reason I work so hard is to provide for us — Heather, myself, and our future children — and obviously I love the thrill of a deal,” Josh Altman reveals about this season.

Fans of the show saw how Josh Altman chose listings and business deals over his wedding to Heather. He would leave her at cake tastings to go do some business, and yet he would plan things without Heather, such as trying on the tuxes for the big event. Josh Altman lost control of why they were planning the wedding and they eventually postponed it. Even though they appeared to be falling apart on Million Dollar Listing, they are doing surprisingly well.

“This chapter of our relationship, surprisingly, brought us closer than ever and made us each appreciate one another even more. We are in a much better place and can’t wait to take our relationship to the next step,” Josh Altman reveals.

The couple has not announced a second wedding date, but it is possible that Josh Altman will slow down with his work. They recently revealed that the nuptials had become much more than just themselves and the show. Even though Josh Altman and Heather may have considered filming their wedding for the show, they may have changed their minds.

“At the end of the day I think we kind of forgot who the wedding was for, and when you have cameras following you around most of the year — for the last four years — you forget that at the end of the day that’s gonna live a lot longer than ‘Million Dollar Listing’. It’s about us, and at the end of the day, that’s what was most important to us,” the couple said to Us Weekly about canceling their wedding.

What do you think of Josh Altman postponing his wedding indefinitely?

[Image via Bravo]