Kim Richards' Pit Bull Viciously Attacks Niece, Decides To Keep The Dog

Jonathan Franks

Kim Richards' pit bull viciously attacked her niece, Alexia, on Saturday.

TMZ reports that the 18-year-old daughter of Kyle Richards had to undergo two surgeries over the weekend at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center as a result of the attack.

According to the report, Alexia was attacked by Kim Richards' pit bull, Kingsley, early Saturday morning at Kim's area home in Los Angeles. Alexia was with her mother, Kyle Richards, and other family members at home when the dog reportedly went into attack mode.

Even though Kim Richards' pit bull bit Alexia multiple times, the report states that the worst bite occurred on her right hand. The pit bull bit her hand so hard that it actually bit through the skin of her thumb -- straight down to the bone.

Fans and critics of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills know that this is not the first time that Kim Richards' pit bull decided to attack. In a popular episode of the hit Bravo television series, Kim Richards' pit bull attacked its own trainer.

That particular episode raised a lot of controversy and backlash from upset viewers, after seeing how the trainer was being allowed by Kim Richards to treat her pit bull in the first place. For example, the trainer instructed Kim Richards to grab her pit bull by the neck forcefully to make him learn how to sit. Jonathan Klein, an award-winning dog trainer, released a statement shortly after the episode aired, stating that he agreed with many of the upset viewers about the mistreatment of Kim Richards' pit bull during that training session.

"Training with force and pain is just plain wrong. It's actually the cause of aggression in so many cases. Kim is lucky the instruction to grab the collar and yank didn't cause her to be bitten herself. Teaching fear is abuse, and suppressing behavior by intimidation is abuse. [Good training is] built on trust and cooperation -- not on fear, dominance or intimidation."

Further reports show that the pit bull has also been very aggressive to other dogs as well.

Something that might shock some people is the fact that, even after viciously attacking her niece, Kim Richards is reportedly still going to keep the pit bill.

According to TMZ, the animal is still being kept at her home. The report even mentions that the Department of Animal Control is not being contacted either about the attack or its aftermath because the family has decided to keep the matter "private."

What do you think? Should Kim Richards' pit bull be put to sleep for attacking Kyle Richards' daughter?

[Image Credit: Reality Tea]