Major ‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers About The Midseason Finale: What Happens To Beth?

The Walking Dead recently treated viewers to an episode all about Beth Greene and loyal viewers know that this kind of laser-focus on a single character usually isn’t a good thing — it likely means that Beth’s death is coming soon.

At the end of last week’s “Slabtown,” Beth smiled when she realized that she helped Noah get away from the crazy hospital people. Unfortunately, her willingness to help others at her own peril could prove to be her undoing. The Spoiling Dead Fans has received some info about The Walking Dead midseason finale, and it looks like it might be the last time we see Beth, daughter of Hershel, pupil of Daryl Dixon.

Beth’s new friend Noah will reportedly volunteer to return to the hospital after joining Rick Grimes’ group (Noah is likely the mystery person hiding in the woods when Daryl returns to the church). The Spoiling Dead Fans reports that the November 30 midseason finale will be a blood bath.

“There is a ‘standoff’ of sorts. Beth has the choice to leave and has a moment of gumption (or weakness, depending on how you look at it) that leads to her demise. Beth ends up believing that the choice she makes is a necessity in the end. But Beth doesn’t envision things ending the way they do. Beth’s death will be a harrowing moment not only for Beth, but for Daryl, Carol and the others as well.”

Beth Greene actress Emily Kinney talked to Zap2it about what viewers can expect from future episodes of The Walking Dead, and her words weren’t very soothing.

“This season is ruthless,” she said. It would certainly be a ruthless move to kill off a sweet girl like Beth Greene.

The big question now is this: What last-minute decision does Beth make that causes her death?

Perhaps Beth decides that Dr. Edwards is worth saving and attempts to help him escape. He isn’t quite as horrible as the other hospital people and his medical knowledge would be a valuable asset to a group trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

“Bethyl” fans might be shedding a few tears right now but fans of Carol Peletier will be happy to learn that she makes it out of the hospital alive. According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, Carol actress Melissa McBride was recently spotted filming on The Walking Dead set with Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, and Sonequa Martin-Green. This means that she’ll definitely be around during the second half of Season 5.

It will be interesting to see if Beth gets to see her sister Maggie before she dies. Maggie is currently heading to Washington D.C. with Abraham’s group, so something bad would have to happen to bring them back to Father Gabriel’s church.

Before The Walking Dead fans witness Beth’s last breath in the midseason finale, they’ll get to see what happens to Abraham’s group (check out the teaser below for a sneak peek at this week’s episode). There will also be an episode about how Carol ends up in the hospital.

Are you sad that Emily Kinney’s days are numbered on The Walking Dead?

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