Twitter CMAs Critics Define The Worst: Audio Was ‘Horrible,’ Country Music Is Too Pop

Members of the music industry voted for their favorites for the 2014 CMAs, but Twitter users had their own critical views of the show. Although many celebrity writers were focused on who won, others writing about the CMAs were chiming in about Carrie Underwood’s baby bump. Regardless, Twitter users were not afraid to quickly define the ugliest, baddest, and horrible aspects of the Country Music Awards — and post about it on their news feed.

Some Twitter users want the awards show to be ugly while others hate the bad grammar.

Fashion is usually the highlight of the CMAs, and Perez Hilton referenced Carrie Underwood’s bellbottom yellow floral pants as hideous in 2013.

This year, Perez Hilton had criticisms of Ariana Grande’s outfit.

“She wore the same outfit during her Today Show performance this past August. Well, minus those super cool LED lights outlining her midriff! Other than the deja vu we’re getting, the singer showed off those sexy stems in this shiny, silver ensem[ble]!”

The hideous floral pants Carrie Underwood wore to the 2013 CMAs.

While there were some hints about the several badly-dressed celebrities at the CMAs, specific stars were targeted. For instance, Kacey Musgrave was the the epitome of terrible appearances for a few Twitter users who were critical of her overall style at the 2014 CMAs.

Kacey Musgrave looks horrible at the CMAs according to a few Twitter users.
Retweets about the poor quality of the singing were common on Twitter after the CMAs.

Criticisms of the CMAs in the past have included long lists of red carpet fumbles, but the types of subjects the stars talk about on the show have also been criticized. For instance, fans despised Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley for being critical of Obamacare during the 2013 CMAs.

The Daily Mail UK covered the skit saying, “Country music stars Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood treated an approving crowd to a mocking skit about Obamacare during Wednesday night’s Country Music Awards broadcast. The hilarity began with Paisley saying he had sustained a ‘twerking injury,’ and his co-host Underwood suggesting Obamacare as the solution.”

For the 2014 CMAs, Twitter was full of critics. A majority of the posts that denoted the awards show was terrible focused on technical malfunctions with the audio. There was also a general complaint about the CMAs that country music had gone downhill, was no longer the genre it was in the past, and had become heavily inundated with rock-n-roll and pop stars.

2014 Country Music Awards had a lot of audio problems according to Twitter fans.
Some fans think it was a bad year for country music at the 2014 CMAs.