Is Harry Styles Bisexual? Singer Says Gender Isn’t Important When It Comes To Love

Harry Styles made Directioners go wild by hinting that he might be open to dating dudes.

According to the Advocate, On Demand Entertainment reporter Lucy Jones recently asked Harry Styles and band mate Liam Payne about what they look for in a potential partner. For some reason, Liam felt the need to reaffirm his heterosexuality when answering the question.

“Female. That’s an important trait,” Payne responded.

However, Styles disagreed with his pal.

“Not that important,” Harry interjected after shaking his head at Liam’s answer.

Instead, Styles revealed that he looks for a partner with a “sense of humor” who is “nice to people.”

Unsurprisingly, One Direction fans had plenty to say about Harry Styles’ response, and they took to Twitter to speculate about what it says about Styles’ sexuality. Many fans made it known that they don’t care about the singer’s sexual orientation.

@Harry_Styles It doesnt matter if you are gay, bi, straight or anything else I will love you unconditionally ♥

— ste (@_ste22) November 5, 2014

Others believed that Harry was just joking.

Many Directioners enjoyed cracking jokes about Styles’ interview.

Then there were the fans who viewed the interview as evidence that Harry really is gay or bisexual. Many of them were Larry Stylinson shippers (fans who think Harry is secretly dating band mate Louis Tomlinson).


it’s about damn time people realize Harry styles is GAY. As in not interested in your crusty vagina. Larry is real & always will be bye

— Madi❣ (@sorryitsmaddie) November 4, 2014

It’s hard to believe that Harry could be secretly gay when you look at the long list of women he’s been linked to, and Taylor Swift’s numerous songs about her relationship with Harry seem to indicate that what they had going on wasn’t a casual, friend-like fling. Because of Styles’ reputation with the ladies, many Directioners believe that he’s actually bisexual.

However, Harry Styles has addressed these rumors before. During an interview with GQ, he was asked if he’s bisexual and in a relationship with close friend Nick Grimshaw.

“Bisexual? Me? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure I’m not.”

During the On Demand Entertainment interview, perhaps Harry said that gender isn’t that important when it comes to love because something about Liam’s answer rubbed him the wrong way. As the Inquisitr previously reported, fans have accused Liam Payne of being homophobic before. However, Harry is an outspoken advocate for the LGBT community. During a concert in St. Louis, he showed his support for gay NFL player Michael Sam by wearing a jersey emblazoned with the athlete’s name. Styles has also spoken out against the Westboro Baptist Church’s hate speech about gay people, and he even recorded a special video wishing the London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard a happy 40th birthday.

Harry Styles has stated that the rumors about his love life don’t bother him, and he usually doesn’t bother to respond to them. So because he sees nothing wrong with being labeled gay or bisexual, it’s unlikely that he’ll clear things up anytime soon.

[Image via the Independent]