‘Batman V Superman’ Star Henry Cavill Starts Production Company, New Role Revealed

Batman v Superman star Henry Cavill is venturing into other areas of the entertainment business. Along with one of his brothers, Charlie, the Man of Steel is starting his own production company.

According to an exclusive report on Deadline, the new company’s name is Promethean Productions and it already has a title in the works. The action thriller Stratton will be produced along with Amber Entertainment and GFM Films, the website reports.

The film is based on an eight-novel series by British author Duncan Falconer. Batman v Superman star Henry Cavill plays John Stratton, who is an operative of the Special Boat Service Commando (SBS) that works with the Intelligence Detachment in Northern Ireland. Falconer is a pseudonym for a man who, himself, was an SBS.

Last month, Cavill took a break from filming Batman v Superman in Detroit just as the production was wrapping its time in Michigan to travel to Gibraltar for a charity run in support of the Royal Marines, which Falconer joined when he was only 18. Henry’s older brother, Nick, is a member of the Royal Marines and as such, this cause is very dear to his heart.

Speaking of his new endeavor, Henry Cavill says he’s looking forward to entering this chapter in his life.

“Having the opportunity to expand my horizons into film making is incredibly exciting. Getting to work so closely with my brother in this venture is equally so.”

According to Collider, filming is to begin in the Spring after Batman v Superman wraps up for Henry Cavill. The website shares a poster for the new film.

Henry Cavill in Stratton

“In optioning Duncan Falconer’s series of books, they have unearthed a character that Henry Cavill can inhabit and run with for a truly thrilling franchise.” Michael Ryan from GFM — who is providing the financing — said.

The fan site HenryCavill.org unearthed a Facebook post from Falconer himself — from September 16 — in which he talks about the casting of the 31-year-old actor. It took Henry Cavill only four days to decide to move forward with the role.

“Wish I could tell you who just read the script, thought it was fabulous, and is interested in playing Stratton, but if I did he might have to change his mind — funny old industry this. So therefore I can’t. But it’s really very interesting. Will reveal who it is if it becomes real. I’m dying to give a clue but one of you smart individuals might get it.”

According to Falconer, Cavill said it was one of the best scripts he’s ever read. The author shared some details about filming locations and some more background regarding the plot.

“The Stratton film takes another step forward. The mystery lead actor has agreed in principal to take the part. He said it was one of the best scripts he had read — we have been working on it a long time! We have even gone so far as to discuss potential shoot dates — some time between April and November 2015. The first month will be in Italy and then the rest in the U.K.”

“Just to remind, the film is based on The Hostage but instead of the IRA, the antagonists are Islamic fundamentalists. Fingers crossed nothing gets in the way of it.”

Henry Cavill will return to reprise his role of Superman in Batman v Superman, opposite Ben Affleck’s Batman. Director Zack Snyder is currently filming the blockbuster in and around the Chicago area.

[Image via HenryCavill.org]