Lisa Irwin Still Missing on First Birthday, Police Call Parents Suspects

It’s been more than a month since Lisa Irwin went missing from her Missouri home. Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin marked the little girl’s first birthday with a private celebration as their attorney, John Picerno, held a news conference. Picerno said that both parents have been named as suspects by the police.

When a reporter asked Picerno if police suspected Deborah or Jeremy in their daughter’s disappearance, Picerno replied:

“Absolutely. They’ve told them as much, Debbie in particular.”

But the Kansas City Police department insists that there are no suspects at the moment. Police Capt. Steve Young told ABC News:

“We don’t have any suspects. We still would like to speak to them again.”

ABC reports that Deborah and Jeremy have refused to sit down for extensive separate interviews. Police say that they are running out of places to look for Lisa Irwin and they would like to ask the couple a few more questions. According to authorities, Irwin’s parents have answered a few basic questions, but they have not agreed to unrestricted questioning.

Picerno, on the other hand, says that Deborah and Jeremy have been more than cooperative with police. Picerno said that the couple has done more than 30 hours of interviews. Picerno said:

“At this point, there’s nothing more to be said.”

Lisa Irwin turned one today, and for her parents, it was a very somber occasion. Attorney Joe Tacopina said:

“This is a very tough day for them. This is not a day of celebration right now. Obviously, they’re very hopeful. They believe that Lisa is still alive, but they’re going to recognize this day and deal with this day very privately. This is not going to be something that they wish to share with anyone.”

Do you think Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin are being cooperative with police? Will they ever find Lisa Irwin?