Ashton Kutcher Back on Twitter After Sending Offensive Paterno Tweet

Ashton Kutcher vowed on Thursday night, after he sent a tasteless tweet about Joe Paterno, that he would stop using Twitter until he found a way to “properly manage his feed.” It looks like Ashton has found his Twitter solution. The “Two and a Half Men” star will be using a constant stream of apologetic tweets mixed with humorous and self-degrading pictures from now on.

Kutcher tweeted the above photo with the caption “what’s a picture worth?”

Shortly after, he tweeted “I’m just trying to be a good person.”

Kutcher gained a lot of criticism for his comment on the Joe Paterno / Penn State / Jerry Sandusky Sex scandal. After Penn State fired Joe Paterno, Kutcher tweeted:

“How do you fire JoPa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.”

Since then, Kutcher has spent a lot of time trying to apologize to his following. Kutcher’s Paterno tweet was especially tasteless since Kutcher’s organization, the DNA Foundation, works to end child sex slavery. One Kutcher follower wrote: “Ashton Kutcher: Against child trafficking unless it involves college football.”

Kutcher immediately played dumb, saying:

“Had no idea, thought it was a football thing. Heard Joe was fired, fully recant previous tweet! Didn’t have full story.”

After that, the “Two and a Half Men” star wrote a more sincere apology. Kutcher wrote:

“As an advocate in the fight against child sexual exploitation, I could not be more remorseful for all involved in the Penn St. case.”

And then:

“As of immediately I will stop tweeting until I find a way to properly manage this feed. I feel awful about this error. Won’t happen again.”

Do you forgive Ashton Kutcher? Do you care about Kutcher’s Paterno tweet scandal?