Japanese Created Suntory Yamazaki Whiskey On Sale Now For $13,000

I’m a big fan of single-malt whiskey it’s one of the few drinks I’ll splurge $50-$100 on a single bottle of but I don’t think I’ll be enjoying a fifth of Suntory Yamazaki anytime soon, only because a single bottle costs a mind-boggling 1 million yen ($12,970).

In all fairness to the distillery the whiskey has been aging since 1961 and the aging process has occurred the entire time in Japan’s famously fragrant mizunara oak.

According to Nicholas Coldicott the whiskey boasts “”a nose of overripe fruit, a wonderful aromatic aloeswood unfurling on the palate, and a long, faintly smoky finish.”

CNN reports that the steep price tag isn’t suppose to hurt demand for the whiskey which is currently one of the most sought after drinks for whiskey lovers.

The Suntory branded whiskey has only been made available two times since starting the aging process in 1961 and in both of those releases the whiskey sold out in less than 48 hours.

If you want a bottle of Suntory Yamazaki you’ll have to act immediately as only 150 bottles are being made available.

Would you be willing to drop nearly $13,000 for a single bottle of Japanese Whiskey? I can honestly say that if I had the money to spend without killing my pocket book I would be picking up a bottle today and sharing it with none of my friends.