Study finds eating fish helps to reduce diabetes risk

Diabetes is very quickly becoming one of our society’s biggest health dangers with the number of deaths resulting from diabetes, and complications arising from the disease, is increasing year after year.

While eating lots of cured meats is associated with greater weight gain and a higher obesity rate it has been found that eating fish is linked to lower glucose concentrations which means a smaller risk of developing diabetes.

This was discovered as a result of the Prevention with a Mediterranean Diet (Predimed) study that was conducted by Mercedes Sotos Prieto in Spain through the University of Valencia.

The study was conducted in the Valencian Community and involved 945 people (340 men and 605 women) between the ages of 55 to 80 and had a high cardiovascular risk.

The aim was to understand the dietary patterns when it came to meat and fish as well as any correlation between the Mediterranean diet and any association with cardiovascular risk.

As with other studies in this area they found part of the reason for the improved insulin sensitivity could be a result of the increase of omega-3 in the cells of the skeletal muscles.

Prieto suggests that a good defense against diabetes would be to decrease the amount of red meat being consumed while maintaining equal levels of fish intake.

via MedicalXpress