Someone Should Teach LeBron James How To Shake Hands

There is no denying that LeBron James is among the best basketball players that we have around. He may not have the championship ring to prove this but he can surely dunk and leave you in awe. Take this case from an exhibition game in Memphis where he pumped 43 points, including this awesome tomahawk dunk.

You may have seen him with that dunk before but for this woman, it was a dunk that deserves her congratulatory hand. She stood up, extended her hand to congratulate LeBron and got a cold hand. Actually, he acted as if he did not see her. Because of this, she made LeBron reach her hand so she can congratulate her.

Someone from Miami Heat should teach LeBron a thing or two about shaking hands, or maybe how to give a high-five. There are reports that the woman who stood up was his mom. Really? He cannot extend his arm even to his mom?