United States To Sell "Bunker Busting" Bombs To UAE In Order To Fight Iran

James Johnson

The United States isn't the only country worried about Iran's accelerating nuclear weapons program, many foes of the Iranian nation in the area have issued their own proclamations of concern over the terrorist friendly region and now the United States hopes to begin quelling those fears by selling "bunker-buster" bombs to the United Arab Emirates.

According to the Wall Street Journal Abu Dhabi’s ruling family, the al Nahyans are one of Iran's biggest foes in the Persian Gulf and the United States believes they could be the perfect partners to build up an anti-Iran coalition.

According to one military official:

“For them to be a regional leader … you have to enable them, they have to have credibility."

The bombs could also be used for destroying weapons systems.

The United Arab Emirates are already in possession of an F-16 fleet which it purchased from the United States and another military expert says those planes would be perfect for dropping the newly acquired bombs while offering a "decisive edge" over Iran's aging fleet of fighter jets.

Do you think selling 4,900 "bunker busters" to the United Arab Emirates is the right way to handle unrest in the Persian Gulf or should the United States find other ways to deal with increasing tensions against Iran and their nuclear program?

[Image via Jordan Tan / Shutterstock.com]