Delta Airlines In-Flight Ad Causes Controversy Over Vaccines

Delta Airlines is under hot water over an in-flight public service announces (PSA) that the company approved from the National Vaccine Information Center, a group that has long been critical of vaccines.

In the ad which is slated to run through the end of November the council lists ways to avoid the flu and while they do include vaccines in their list they urge parents to first talk to their doctors and “don’t hesitate to ask questions.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics was the first large scale organization to go on the offensive against the airline, telling Delta that they are “putting the lives of children at risk” by airing the ad which brings the safety of vaccines into question.

In the meantime a petition has started circulating with more than 2,200 signatures collected so far which ask for the immediately removal of the PSA.

In response to the uproar Delta has promised that a new approval procedure will be used, “to ensure all programming is relevant, accurate, and does not lend itself to interpretation.”

Meanwhile talking about the uproar the President of the NVIC says the ad is very responsible:

“I don’t understand why there’s this controversy. For the people who want to use vaccines, we are fighting for safer vaccine policies and safer vaccines. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.”

I personally have no problem with people asking their doctors questions but there has never been a major study over current vaccines that show any harm to children or adults so I’m not sure exactly what asking questions will accomplish which is where the “open to interpretation” idea comes from. If you do plan to vaccinate your children I suppose you could ask your doctor about the temporary side effects that could occur, this information is usually found in pamphlets at your doctors office as well.

Do you think the ad has overstepped it’s bounds by leaving too much open to interpretation?

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