Liz Katz Climbs Stairs In Booty Shorts & Bust-Boosting Top

Model and streamer Liz Katz returned to Instagram on Thursday afternoon with one of the more tempting updates to hit her timeline in recent memory. For her latest offering, the 32-year-old thrilled her 1.3 million followers with a stunning, back-view snap.

Katz, who burst onto the scene by winning IGN's Best Cosplay trophy at WonderCon 2012, was photographed traversing a staircase in a pair of skintight booty shorts and a long-sleeved top that clung tightly to her amply bosom.

She captioned the sexy share by hyping her big comeback on the platform after almost a week of radio silence. And if the rabid fan response was any indication, her post was well worth the wait.

In little more than an hour after going live, the snap had already racked up well over 20,000 likes. Moreover, the comments section was inundated with shoutouts and declarations of love from her smitten supporters.

"Mmm oh yes the booty is back," one commenter wrote, who emphasized their feelings with a heart emoji as well as a peach emoji.

"And not a moment too soon!" another admirer concurred. "We missed you dearly."

"Welcome back! My news feed is going to be so much better now!" a third fan exclaimed.

"That's somebody's mom. Just let that sink in......" a fourth follower joked.

With one hand clutching the railing to her side and the other gingerly caressing her left thigh, Katz posed confidently in the stairway in the rear-view shot. Although she was snapped from below, the New Jersey native twisted her upper body and further turned her head back toward the camera.

As a result, her sizable bosom and striking face were both well-evidenced on the frame. Katz sported a suggestive expression that was bolstered by her piercing eyes, one of which was partially obscured by her loose bangs and her glistening, magenta-hued lips.

Katz's top was made of a thin white material that was ribbed vertically. The garment seemingly melded to her breasts and also appeared to be partially unbuttoned down the front. Her shorts, meanwhile, looked to be made from a knit sweater-like material. They conformed tightly to her tempting assets while leaving the undersides of her cheeks uncovered.

Just below her shorts, Katz's sensuous thighs and the "PRESS START" tattoo set that graced them were equally as alluring. She completed the look with what looked to be knee-high stockings.

In an update just before the turning of the calendar, Katz brought the heat in a skintight bodysuit and jeans.