FTC May Soon Require ‘Opt-In’ Privacy Policy Setup For Facebook, Routine Company Audits

Two years ago the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accused Facebook of using “deceptive behavior” in an attempt to have site users accept privacy settings that benefited the company but left user accounts open to public scrutiny and now the federal organization is said to be nearing a deal with the world’s largest social network.

Under the settlement the FTC would be allowed to conduct privacy audits at Facebook for the next two decades in a move very similar to the agreement they reached with Google, Inc.

Under the agreement Facebook will be required to make all new features (material retroactive changes) available as opt-in rather than opt-out as they are current setup.

The FTC probe against Facebook started in December 2009 when the company made user information public by default instead of asking user permission ahead of time with an opt-in setup.

Final approval for the new guidelines are still awaiting FTC commissioners approval but the plan is expected to receive approval and move forward swiftly.

Are you happy to learn that Facebook privacy changes will be opt-in and that the FTC will be performing regular audits of the company’s policies to ensure site users are being protected?

[Image via ShutterStock.com]