Louise Jones: Baby Left In A New York Telephone Booth 49 Years Ago Still Searching For Her Biological Parents

Louise Jones is a 49-year-old woman from Staten Island. She has had a fantastic career in finance, has a family of her own and is living the good life in New York City. However, one aspect about her past seems to repeatedly come back to haunt her. The identities of her actual parents -- which still remain a mystery. And she is set on a mission to find her true origins.

Louise Jones was found as an abandoned little baby girl in a phone booth located on Manhattan's Upper West Side at the corner of 88th Street and Columbus Avenue, reports ABC News. The day was July 17, 1965. The little baby girl who was then believed to be just two days old was left alone inside the telephone booth by someone -- most likely her own mother. Louise Jones was found in the evening and soon, a large crowd had gathered neared the telephone booth. Pedro Martinez, a man who lived close by went to investigate the cause for the commotion only to find a baby girl inside the booth wearing a diaper and rubber pants. Jones was wrapped inside a blanket on which a Catholic St. Jude medal was pinned.

Martinez called up the police department and later took the infant to the New York City Police Department's 24th precinct. Louise Jones was subsequently put up for adoption and was adopted by a family who raised her. Her parents moved to Staten Island and Jones led a pretty normal life. In fact, Louise Jones went on to have a great career and raised a family of her own. Some 30 odd years ago, one of her friends accidentally let Louise know about the fact that she was adopted. Upon further investigation, she found out the fact that she was actually abandoned by her biological parents and was left inside a booth. This left Jones shattered.

Determined to find answers to her questions, she decided to go on a mission to find out who her actual parents were. She has not managed to find success thus far. However, with the help of the media and the powerful medium that is the Internet, Louise Jones has renewed her mission and is still actively looking out for any information that could lead to her questions being answered. On July 17, 2014 Louise Jones, along with her family members, celebrated her birthday at the very telephone booth where Jones was originally found. She has also put up a poster on the booth in which she appeals to people who might have any information regarding Jones' parents to contact her.

Louise Jones has also sought the help of her friend and renowned genealogist Pam Slaton with her case. So far, Louise has undergone DNA tests and Slaton has tried to look for clues that could somehow solve the mystery of Louise Jones' biological parents -- without success.

In case you are an individual who could help Pam or Louise Jones with some credible information, you can help them out by tipping ABC News about it or by directly contacting Pam Slaton on her website.

We at the Inquisitr had in the past reported about similar incidents where the famous Burger King Baby was able to find her real mother using the power of social media and the Internet. We sincerely hope the same happens with Louise Jones and wish all the very best in her mission!

[Image via ABC News]