Duggar Drama: Jim Bob Duggar 'Begs' Producers To Edit Jessa's Wedding Footage?

There is some major Duggar drama going on just days after Jessa Duggar's wedding. According to Radar Online, the wedding kiss that didn't happen between Jessa and Ben Seewald has caused somewhat of an issue. Sources say that Jim Bob and Michelle were shocked when their daughter and her new husband didn't kiss once they were pronounced husband and wife. Apparently they had no idea that Jessa and Ben had planned to have their first kiss in private.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, wedding guests were shocked that Jessa and Ben didn't go with tradition seal their love with a kiss. Jim Bob and Michele were, perhaps, the most surprised out of everyone. And now sources say that Jim Bob was overheard talking to 19 Kids And Counting producers, begging them to edit the footage before they air the wedding episode on TLC (sometime in 2015).

"Afterwards, I heard Jim Bob and someone from TLC talking about altering the storyline to make it look like Jim Bob and Michelle were in on it the whole time. It was a surprise to most of us that the children wished to be alone…However, it seemed to be most of all a shock to the bride's parents," said My Life As A Stay At Home Wife And Mom blogger, Ashleigh.

The Duggar family has shared many special moments with the public by way of their reality show. With news that Jim Bob asked producers to edit the footage, some are wondering what else might have been edited to be portrayed differently in the past.

According to the Latin Post, Jessa and Ben spent some time alone after they said their "I do's." The two were in a private area without cameras or wedding guests where they had their first kiss. None of this was caught by cameras, which was likely Jessa and Ben's plan. To appease wedding guests, Pastor Mike Schadt asked Jim Bob and Michelle to kiss so that folks got to see a "Duggar kiss."

Most fans did not see a problem with Jessa and Ben wanting to share their first kiss in private, given the fact that the two had never kissed before. However, it sounds like that's not something that Michelle and Jim Bob would have agreed to, otherwise their daughter might have told them about it. Could this be why Jim Bob allegedly asked production to edit the footage?

Do you think Jessa and Ben's decision to lock lips in private was a bad move? Do Jim Bob and Michelle have a right to be upset about the decision?

[Photo courtesy of TLC]