Kate Gosselin To Appear On Celebrity Apprentice, After Selling Jon His Own Video Games At Yard Sale, Has She Already Won?

Kate Gosselin has made quite a name for herself during her time on TLC. She has turned the struggle of having eight children, all around the same age, while being a single mother into a positive experiecne for her kids. Despite her high profile lifestyle, being a celebrity has not necessarily been at the forefront of her mind. However, the cast reveal for the newest season of Celebrity Apprentice has deemed her worthy of celebrity status.

Along with other high profile names, Kate Gosselin wil join Geraldo Rivera, Sig Hansen, Gilbert Godfried, Kevin Jonas and more as she attempts to climb to break through he glass ceiling and reign triumphantly on the Celebrity Apprentice. Kate has plenty of experience being a leader among those that don't always see things her way. All eight children have given her grief at one time or another, and each time they challenge her, she becomes the victor. Possibly her only major challenge thus far has been keeping ex husband Jon Gosselin in check. When he wouldn't be a team player, she ecstatically screamed the classic phrase, "you're fired" and escorted him out of her life.

In an amazing show of entrepreneurship, Kate Gosselin recently held a massive yard sale to clean her house of clutter, some of which included the belongings of her ex-husband, Jon. The proceeds from the yard sale were donated to a local animal charity, and Jon was happy to trade the donation to get his property back, according to the Examiner.

"I donated money and got my stuff back…I got my video game back. I donated twenty dollars, it went to [Animal Rescue League]."
Despite doing his good deed for the sake of charity, Jon was quick to provide a jab at his ex wife's expense.
"She didn't disclose [how much money she made at the sale]," he said. "Maybe she'll put it out on Twitter. We don't really talk…"
Although it remains to be seen how Kate Gosselin will fare on the Celebrity Apprentice, she is sure to have a few tricks up her sleeve. Whether or not she will work on her own, or form some sort of an alliance, is currently unknown. However, if her past struggles have taught her anything, it is quite possible that she will make it far on the show.

What are your thoughts about Kate's appearance on the show, is she worthy to go up against the celebrities that will be playing along side her? Should they have invited Jon Gosselin on the show instead of Kate, or maybe the two together?

[Photo Courtesy: Time Inc]