Danielle Moinet Flaunts Her Legs & Cleavage In 'Liquid Gold' Dress While Lounging On The Beach

Danielle Moinet, who WWE fans know as former superstar Summer Rae, took to Instagram over the weekend and shared a glamorous beach photo collection with her 1.7 million followers on the image-sharing platform. She also rocked some unique attire for the occasion.

The pictures saw the former wrestler lying in the sand as she sported a very fashionable get-up. Her outfit was a long "liquid gold" dress with long sleeves that covered the full length of Moinet's body.

The upper half of the material was tied together with a strap and featured a cut-out at the midriff. Moinet showcased her toned abs and an ample amount of sun-kissed cleavage as a result.

The bottom half featured a slit that gave the model's long legs some room to breathe. She accessorized the outfit with some stylish double drop earrings that complemented her outfit perfectly.

Moinet lay on her side in the first snap, lounging in the sand and gazing into the distance with a wondrous smile on her face. She positioned her right hand on her head while the opposite gently touched the ground. It was a very glamorous shot that allowed the model to show off her mysterious side.

The second image saw her lying on her back in a more relaxed position, showing off one of her enviable legs in the process. In this one, she appeared to be looking up at the sky, seemingly unaware that she was having her picture taken at the time.

In the third upload, she lay on her side again. This time her face boasted a mysterious expression as she lounged with her eyes closed, turning her head to expose her neck.

Moinet went for a messier look in the next pic. Her hair was more scrunched up and fell over her face, while other parts appeared to be blowing in the air. While the backdrop suggested that the weather was pleasant, the bombshell may have caught the wind at this point.

This snap was followed by another that depicted Moinet rubbing her head with her eyes closed. The image was taken from afar this time, capturing the majority of the former WWE superstar's body in the shot.

In the final shot, Moinet reprised her pose from the third snap, albeit with a slight change to her facial expression. Her admirers enjoyed all of the uploads, as they've received over 12,000 likes since hitting the social media platform.

Moinet has delighted her followers a few times in recent weeks. As The Inquisitr previously documented, she went out looking for sunsets while sporting a tiny bikini and sneakers earlier this month.