Justin Bieber Scents For A Woman: Singer's New Fragrance Arrives

Justin Bieber likes a scent. Of a woman, that is. And he'd prefer it if that woman is wearing a fragrance of his.

The enterprising singer's fourth fragrance has landed. It's called Collector's Edition.

Speaking to People magazine, the 20-year-old singer explains his new scent is intended to "give something really personal" to Beliebers.

"It's all about the personal connection I have with my fans," Bieber added.

The Collector's Edition bottle is now available at Target, and will no doubt look familiar to those fans who bought the Canadian's 2013 fragrance, The Key.

The new design is a similarly white bottle with an indented top and melted gold decoration.

Like Justin's three previous scents, Collector's Edition "comes with a charm on the bottle with a personal message," he says.

This time around, it looks like a small gold disc and reads "You're all that matters to me -- JB."

Fans will recognize those words as the title of Bieber's third single "All That Matters" from last year's Journals album.

So what does JB's new perfume smell like?

Apparently, it doesn't smell like Justin's favorite smell (which is "fresh ice before a hockey game; it reminds me of being a kid in Canada"), but since that probably wouldn't appeal to most women that's a good thing.

The fragrance is a mixture of juicy pear and passion fruit. Floral notes include honeysuckle and freesia. Musk and sandalwood also feature, to masculine up the scent.

Justin also opened up on what he finds attractive about a girl, or a woman.

"I like when a girl wears perfume on her neck, that's definitely the sexiest place to me," the singer reveals. "I also think it's sexy when a girl's hair smells nice."

Handily then, the Collector's Edition range also runs to a "Swept Away Hair Mist" which will sell for $20.

Justin then tells the magazine, "You can tell when a woman feels confident by the way she carries herself, and I think fragrance has a lot to do with it.

He continues, "Collector's Edition is meant to make my fans feel good. It has an amazing energy to it. When a woman feels good, she looks good."

The "Baby" singer's last three fragrances, The Key (2013), Girlfriend (2012), and Someday (2011) sold in decreasing numbers, but likely still shifted a fair few.

Obviously, products like these are strictly for fans and as Christmas is approaching, it's the perfect time for Bieber to bring out a new fragrance.

No brainer really.