ISIS Supporters Shoot Australian Religious Leader Rasoul al-Musawi In The Face

Tara Dodrill

ISIS supporters in Australia shot Shiite Muslim religious leader Rasoul al-Musawi in the face outside of his Sydney mosque earlier today. Rasoul al-Musawi, 47, was shot by Islamic State militants while locking up his Greenacre mosque after an evening spent observing the Muharram, a Shiite holiday. The holiday is a 10-day commemoration that is reportedly an extremely important ritual for Shiite Muslims.

Rasoul al-Musawi's daughter saw her father get shot in the face by ISIS supporters.

"My dad just held his neck and ran inside. And I was like, 'what's happening?' and all I see as the blood running down his head and neck," the Australian religious leader's daughter told the media.

Members of the Shiite Muslim community in Sydney, Australia, said ISIS sympathizers had been targeting the congregation with threats and harassment in recent days. The Islamic State supporters reportedly chanted, "ISIS is coming" and "ISIS will stay" in Arabic in front of the mosque.

"I think you can put it as a killing season. For them, it's the best time for killing," one of the members of the Australian mosque led by Rasoul al-Musawi, told the local media.

Last Friday, a volunteer security guard at the mosque was reportedly punched in the face by three men; police officers are still investigating the attack.

Witnesses to the ISIS Australia shooting reportedly drug the bleeding Shiite Muslim leader back into the mosque around 1:15 a.m. He was shot in both the face and the shoulder. First aid was quickly administered to al-Musawi until paramedics arrived.

The Shiite Muslim underwent surgery to shortly later after arriving at the hospital. Nabi Akram Islamic Centre in Granville Sheikh Zaid Alsalami said the vast majority of the Greenacre Centre worshippers were Iraqi. Akram, who is Afghani, also said that several days ago a group of individuals initiated an argument concerning Shia-Sunni issues and told the Shiites to "stop their drumming" at the mosque.

"The dispute over the centre would not have escalate to such a level where someone would shoot a person," Akram concluded.

Prior to ISIS sympathizers shooting the Shiite Muslim religious leader in the face, the police were called, and a complaint was given over vehicles driving past the mosque shouting, "ISIS is coming" and other related chants.

"These people have been conducting a campaign of intimidation for the past few weeks. I talk to many of the people in the community and they're very concerned and they're very scared," a Greenacre mosque member told the Sydney Morning Herald.

What do you think about ISIS shooting the Australian religious leader in the face? Will similar lone wolf ISIS attacks happen in America?

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