Nick Jonas to Play Dead Beat Dad on Last Man Standing

The baby Jonas is about to become a baby daddy. Nick Jonas has landed a guest role on ABC’s “Last Man Standing” playing the absentee father of Mike Baxter’s grandson.

Tim Allen’s grandson on the show is currently being raised solely by his daughter. The absentee father has been the butt of a lot of jokes on the show, but we’ve never met the deadbeat dad. Jonas will step into the role in a few weeks for “Last Man Standing’s” Christmas special.

According to ET Online, “Last Man Standing” brought in more than 5 million viewers during its debut episode and it has already been secured for a full season. The show also received poor reviews and critics have called the show everything from misogynistic to homophobic.

There’s no arguing that the show isn’t cheesy, so it will be interesting to see how they handle the sensitive subject of being a teenage mom.

Tim Allen’s daughter, Kristen (played by Alexandra Krosney) was introduced on the show as a struggling single teenage mother. The show has never really explained her situation, beside the fact that she works as a waitress and lives at home. Jonas will supposedly be playing an unemployed man with nothing really going on for him.

Jonas’ last TV role came on the short-lived “Mr. Sunshine,” where he played a thinly veiled version of himself.

Do you like “Last Man Standing.” Are you hoping that Nick Jonas’ guest spot turns into a full time gig on the show?