Amazon Kindle Fire To Ship 5 Million Units In 2011 [Leak]

Amazon recently claimed they were in the process of ordering more Kindle Fire units and now a leaked reported on Wednesday says the company could require up to a total of 5 million units before the end of 2011.

While the number has been leaked it will likely not be confirmed by Amazon executives who typically choose to keep shipment volumes secret. Executives at the America’s largest e-tailer say giving up sales numbers would take away their competitive advantage.

In the meantime Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says claims of “millions of extra shipments” is a slight exaggeration. If the increase from 3.5 million to five million mark is correct it would be a 43 percent increase in just several weeks.

In the meantime Amazon has warned that profits will take a slight hit as the company is selling their Google Android based tablet at just $199.

If sales numbers are correct the Amazon Kindle Fire could outsell every other Android tablet during the holiday season despite excluding Google platform apps from the system.

Have you purchased an Amazon Kindle Fire? If not do you plan to buy one before the end of 2011?