Dina Manzo Is ‘Good’ With Her Family: Shares Video About ‘RHONJ’ Reunion

Dina Manzo may have returned to The Real Housewives of New Jersey because Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita would not be filming the show for additional seasons. Manzo admits that she was told Jacqueline would not be filming with them and that the scenes with Laurita were filmed much later and just added where appropriate.

But Dina Manzo also revealed that some of her comments were edited at the reunion, meaning that her comments came off as harsh. Rather than let Bravo’s editing represent her, Dina Manzo decided to film a short video, explaining her thoughts after watching the first reunion special. She shared this video on her personal website and promised to do the same thing for the two additional episodes.

According to a new set of tweets, Dina Manzo is now revealing “her truth” in a video she recorded after the reunion had aired. It was clear by the many tweets she received that people were not always agreeing with the things she said on the show. Rather than use Twitter to explain her views, Dina decided to record a video where she explains what was meant by the comments brought into question.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is all about family and people are wondering why Dina Manzo isn’t making up with Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline, since they are family. But as Dina explains, her family is large. There are 11 siblings and she doesn’t speak to Caroline and Chris. It is possible that she is close with all of her other siblings and her parents.

It is no secret that Dina Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita have been feuding. Dina hinted that it stemmed from the first season, where the two argued over Danielle Staub and her role in their family. Things progressed off camera, but Manzo decided that it wasn’t worth filming a reality show with her family. As a result of this feud, Manzo has never met her nephew, Nicholas.

And as Dina Manzo was sharing her side of the story on last night’s reunion, Laurita decided to have her own reunion on Twitter, according to the Inquisitr. For everything Dina said, Jacqueline had a response and another side of the story. Even though Dina Manzo isn’t getting along with a few of her siblings, she claims she is doing fine with the rest of her family.

What do you think of Dina Manzo saying she is fine? What did you think of her video, where she shares her truth with fans of the show?

[Image via Bravo]