Steve Jobs Biopic Will Have Seth Rogen Portraying Steve Wozniak

It looks like the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic has finally found its Steve Wozniak, and it comes in the form of comedic writer/actor/director Seth Rogen (The Interview, This is the End), who will star alongside Christian Bale, Variety reports.

Rogen will be joining an incredibly talented cast and crew to bring this new interpretation of Steve Jobs to life. Rogen’s character, “Woz,” as he is often called, is the co-founder of Apple, and partner to Steve Jobs — and often considered the more morally-inclined of the two.

It’s only been a little over a year since the film Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher, hit the theaters. The film had a unique opportunity to capitalize on Steve Jobs’ recent passing (as horrible as it may sound), as well as the Steve Jobs biography, written by Walter Isaacson. However, whatever potential the film had in its talent was ultimately unsuccessful, as the film opened with less than favorable reviews from both critics and fans alike, and earned only $36 million at the box office (though it did easily cover its $12 million budget, so one can’t call it a complete failure).

With 2013’s Jobs delivering a less-than-satisfying experience for moviegoers, many are hopeful that this upcoming Jobs will give the tech guru’s story the quality it deserves — and with this film’s script being written by the Academy Award-winning Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, Moneyball), its direction being carried out the by Academy Award-winning Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours), and its lead being portrayed by the Academy Award-winning Christian Bale (The Fighter, The Dark Knight Trilogy), expectations are undoubtedly high.

However, as Sorkin has said in the past, Jobs isn’t the kind of film most would expect, as it doesn’t cover Jobs’ life, but rather covers the backstage drama of three separate keynotes of Apple product launches. The film literally covers thirty minutes backstage of each product launch and nothing else. Because of this, there is virtually no chance that we will be seeing a film that will tread on old ground, which is a huge plus for Steve Jobs fans who know his life story backwards and forwards.

“It’s one of the few times I’ve written what I set out to write,” Sorkin said in an interview with Business Insider last year. “It will be up to the audience whether it’s good or not.”

Does the news of Seth Rogen joining the cast of Jobs have you excited for the upcoming film? Let us know below!