Music Legend Says Obama Has Elevated ‘Lying To An Art Form’

Music legend Charlie Daniels says President Barack Obama has elevated “lying to an art form.” The Charlie Daniels Band front man has been praised by previous presidents for his contributions to folk music, the country-rock music genre, and for his fiddle playing.

Charlie Daniels said he is alarmed at the level of lying which being churned out by the Obama administration. The 78-year-old singer routinely blogs on the “Soap Box” section of his band’s website. In a recent commentary, the legendary musician registers his angst over the Washington establishment “misleading” Americans.

The “Devil Went Down To Georgia” fiddle player cited ISIS being deemed merely a “JV team” by President Obama and the Fort Hood shooting massacre being termed workplace violence, even though the shooter shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the killings.

Excerpt from Charlie Daniels’ commentary about President Obama.

“Nothing breeds distrust like a lie, nothing undermines confidence in a person or a government like being lied to or told half-truths and you get to the point that you don’t really trust anything that person says. It seems that cover ups, partial truths and outright lying has become an acceptable way of doing business with the federal government and although it is not new, the Obama administration has elevated it to an art form.”

Charlie Daniels also took issue with the early claims by the Obama administration that the Benghazi embassy attack was prompted by “some obscure film that was an insult to Islam.” The country music singer also noted six more examples of statements made by Obama that led him to believe that Obama has turned lying into an art form.

  • Americans could keep their own doctor and insurance if Obamacare passed.
  • If Obamacare was not passed, there would be catastrophic consequences for Americans.
  • A comment during a television interview where President Obama said there was not even a “smidgen” of corruption at the IRS – in reference to the targeting of conservative groups applying for tax exempt status.
  • A reference to a statement by Obama that if Bashar al-Assad crossed a red line relating to chemical weapon use in Syria, he “would pay the price.”
  • An Obama comment claiming that ISIS could be “degraded” by airstrikes in the Middle East.
  • Charlie Daniels also did not believe the president when he said Americans have nothing to fear from Ebola patients coming to America and that travel restrictions are not necessary.

“Lies themselves are problem enough, but one of the most damaging ramifications of lying is the erosion of trust and the uncertainty of not knowing if we are being told the whole truth or some varnished lie that works to the advantage of the administration,” Charlie Daniels said.

Do you agree with Charlie Daniels and think President Obama has elevated lying to an art form, or feel the country music legend is off-base in his assessment?

[Image via: WND]