Kevin Smith, Jeff Anderson On ‘Clerks 3’: What Did They Say?

Kevin Smith and Jeff Anderson have an official update about Clerks 3. The second sequel of Silent Bob’s signature debut is on its way, and Randal is riding shotgun… for the update, anyway.

The 1994 cult classic introduced us to Jay and Silent Bob, a pair whose personalities are literally reversed from real life, when producer Smith played a minor role in the highly quotable comedy. It was a launching point for Smith’s career, whose pairing with Jason Mewes (Jay) became iconic enough to even spawn a cartoon series.

As Smith’s characters took off in several successful comedies, which parodied almost everything from Star Wars to Scooby Doo, and even took a crack at religion, the eventual sequel hit, seemingly closing off the storyline with Clerks 2 (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back actually may have happened first, chronologically).

Clerks 3 has officially been given the green light, and Kevin Smith has updated the fans on the upcoming return of Jay and Silent Bob in a recent podcast.

“I like where [the story] f**king goes so much. It’s my favorite soap opera now. It’s kinda like ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ of the ‘Clerks’ movies. It doesn’t tell the middle story, but it has that kinda feeling.”

Smith says that production on the third installment of the series will begin in June 2015.

Jeff Anderson, who plays Randal in Smith’s movies, offered his opinion on how the next film will play out.

“I don’t have the reservations I had for [‘Clerks 2’]. Only because the big thing was ‘Clerks,’ it was the protective nature of that. We’ve moved past that and fans have moved past that. What [‘Clerks 2’] did was just follow these guys and it was fun to catch up with them. [‘Clerks 3’], where are they, what are they doing?… I don’t think we have to worry about tainting anything.

“I like the script; it’s being introduced to these characters that are friends…. [It’s] a very different movie and that’s what I like about it. ‘Clerks’ to me was a gritty movie. [‘Clerks 2’] became this brighter movie. [This next movie] to me feels somewhere between I and II. It feels a little gritty and we go back to the beginning stages, but we do see the progression.”

It was also mentioned that the first half of the film will be shot in black and white like the first film, while the second will be in color.

What do you think of Kevin Smith and Jeff Anderson’s update on Clerks 3?

[Image via Flickering Myth, Hit The Floor]