President Obama’s Approval Rating Weighing Down Democratic Party

President Obama’s approval rating has been hanging out in the low 40s for a couple of months now. Politicos knowing this fact have been saying for a while now that the low Obama approval rating means it was going to be hard for the Democrats to hold onto the Senate, let alone strengthen their standing in Congress. Now, with the midterm elections in just one day, those predictions are coming true, and the future looks dim for the Democratic party while the current occupant of the White House serves out his term.

States like Louisiana and Alaska, states that are never going to be easy for Democrats to hold onto, are looking like they will turn red this election cycle. Those two states are also being pointed to as states the Democrats desperately need if they want to continue to have 50 votes in the Senate. As NPR points out, Obama’s approval rating has meant that the president has kept a pretty low profile on the campaign trail this time around.

It’s a far cry from the popularity the former first term Senator from the state of Illinois received when he was swept into office back in 2008. In those heady times, Democrats were letting themselves believe this might be the beginning of a bit of a dynasty as they also held nearly 60 seats in the United States Senate. Whether it was their own mismanagement or the work of Republicans to undermine their efforts to govern, the bloom came off the rose some time ago.

President Obama’s approval rating has gotten so low that theories which might have seemed goofy just a year or two ago have started to make the rounds on the internet at an increased pace. Some people have even started claiming the president actually wants an Ebola outbreak in the U.S., and that’s why he hasn’t closed the borders to Africa yet.

While Obama’s approval rating is making some people rather nutty, its also making those who are fighting for their seat run from him as fast as possible. Most famously was the Kentucky democratic Senate hopeful who wouldn’t say whether she voted for him in the last election. Later on, she had no qualms about making sure people knew she was a Hilary Clinton supporter from way back. Kentucky is hardly the only state where dems are asking the president to stay away. The real question these days is just how bad President Obama’s approval rating is going to hurt the democratic agenda moving forward.