Jamie Spears Scores Small Fortune By Managing Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale Tour

Jamie Spears, father of pop star Britney Spears has earned a small fortune for taking charge and managing his daughters Femme Fatale Tour.

TMZ has obtained court documents that reveal a one time payout base salary of $537,987.37 for Jamie’s work on his daughters tour. The judge overlooking Spear’s conservatorship case also allowed Spears’ personal manager Larry Rudolph to give Jamie 20% of his 10% commission because Jamie did so much work on the tour to keep everything moving smoothly.

When all is said and done it’s believed that Jamie Spears will earn a 7-figure payday for all his work during the tour.

Unlike other celebrities parents (Dina Lohan comes to mind) Jamie has been working in his daughters best interest rather than accepting handouts. In fact Jamie was doing the work of 5 people which has helped save Britney more than $1 million in salaries.

Jamie Spears has been so effective in keeping his daughters career in check that he has asked a judge to extend his conservatorship so he can receive his $16,000 per month salary indefinitely.

Do you find Jamie Spears’ hard work ethic on Britney Spears’ behalf to be a refreshing change of pace compared to the celebrity parents we’ve been hearing about in gossip columns lately?